Next Meeting

April  18, 2019

Our April speaker will be Peggy Coates from Hilltop Arboretum located on Highland Road near Bluebonnet. She will tell us about the amazing photo opportunities available at the Arboretum now that spring is in full bloom. The 14 acre Arboretum was donated to LSU by Mr. Emory Smith in 1981. He spent a lifetime collecting native plants so people could easily enjoy viewing them in one location.


May 2019 Terry Thibeau

Terry has specialized in commercial/advertising and
illustrative photography since graduating from Brooks Institute of
Photography (Santa Barbara, CA) in 1987. Although not a native to Louisiana, Terry
has claimed New Orleans as his home since 1991 and has serviced the
Gulf Coast community with international award-winning photography for
various commercial venues including antiques, food, jewelry, sports,
casinos and local business industries for printed materials. He is
best known for his style of lighting in every venue. Light, to Terry,
is the art and science of photography and can be defined by its many
qualities observed in both natural and enhanced lighting settings.
By capturing light to convey mood and emotion, photography brings the viewer
beyond the visual senses and transcends time.

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