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March, 2017

Back Story Panel:   Four LPS photographers  discussed the back stories of some of their images.  They  explained why they pressed the shutter release to capture a particular image; how did they prepare and set up their cameras for that particular image.

Linda Medine:  Linda enjoys photographing people and has become particularly interested in black and white images.  She has been a member for five years.  As an active volunteer, she became president of LPS in 2015.  She won the LPS Level A Monotone Print and Monotone Digital in 2016 and was awarded “Photographer of the Year”

Robin Stevens:  Robin’s particular interest is landscape photography.  She has been a member of LPS for 4 years and won Photographer of the Year for Color Prints in 2016.

Linda Weinstein:  Linda has been a member of for three years.  She enjoys landscape photography and discovering new ways to capture natural images.  She finds photojournalism both challenging and exciting.

Mahdi:  Mahdi was the LPS Level B winner of all Categories in 2016.  It is a first time the same photographer has won every category in a specific level.  Mahdi is a graduate student at LSU.


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