Club Competition

2020 Competition Categories




January Projection Seasons
February Print No Theme
March Projection Photojournalism
April Print Flowers / Flower Parts
May Projection Anything STARTING with Letter C
June Print Sunrise / Sunset
July Projection No Theme
August Print Reflections
September Projection Signs
October Print No Theme
November Projection People at Work

All Competitions will be digital until further notice.

Visual Pursuits Competition Page

Use the link above to enter your digital images into Visual Pursuits for each monthly competition, whether the Medium is Digital or Print.

Dear LPS Member,
Upload your images to the appropriate competition by logging in to your account at:

You must be listed as a competing member in order to upload images. I have identified all members who have competed in the past several months as competing members and you should have no trouble uploading your images. If you are not identified as a competing member, you can request a status change by sending me an email at and I will change your status to competing.

After you have logged in to the website and opened the drop down for Competitions, select the button “Submit Images to a Competition”. There is a video tutorial button on how to submit images that you can view if you have questions on the process.

If you have trouble entering images, please email me and I will help as best I can.

The Contest will open for entries on the 1st of the month and close at 8:00 pm on the Monday prior to competition .

This is the Monday before our meeting and is the same deadline we have always had. If you do not get your entry in on time, it will not be entered. All rules on number of entries is the same as before, two total per member in color and/or monochrome. Your level of A,  B or Master is automatic based on our membership records. You do not have to specify level. If something does not look right, let me know.

Gene Bachman, Visual Pursuits Administrator

 Club Competition Guidelines 

Monthly Competition Winners

How to Resize Images on a MAC

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