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Our meetings are generally held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm, except in November and December, or if there is a conflict. We meet at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library on Goodwood Boulevard in the first floor large meeting room. Visitors are welcome to attend any meeting. For those wishing to become members, dues are $25 per year, plus $5 each for additional family member. Each meeting consists of a competition and a program featuring a guest speaker. Members are encouraged to submit entries for the competition. We vote on the entries and results are announced at each meeting. Who wins is not important, what is important is the knowledge gained from studying other entries and sharing in the details of how those images were captured.

Next Meeting

This month’s meeting will be offered in-person at the Main Library at Goodwood.

THURSDAY May 23, 2024 6:30-8:30 PM
The room is open at 6PM to encourage fellowship and discussions, as well as grab some refreshments.

May Speakers-  Lynn Naul, Renee Pierce, Tammy Tate, Gary Thompson, Laura Thompson & Cassie Ware

At this month’s meeting, a few of us would like to share our amazing trip to Alaska last June.
It was even more amazing that I was able to experience it with fellow LPS members. Along the way we recruited an outsider from Tacoma, Washington, Laura Martinez as a new LPS member.
Our little group flew to Alaska to attend Lisa Langell’s Magic of Alaska workshop. It was Magical and Lisa runs a topnotch workshop. But, as you all know us, we had to take it up a notch or two.
We rented a car and drove to the Kenai Peninsula where Lisa’s workshop was. This gave us a couple of days to take our time and meander along the way, and take it all in. What a great way to really See Alaska.
After spending most of the week with Lisa, seeing and experiencing just about everything we could imagine, we set out for the next part of our trip.
To top it off, we flew across Cook Inlet to Bear Mountain Lodge. We spent the next few days here, photographing Alaska Brown Bears that had just come out of hibernation. I think this was the perfect ending to a perfect trip and the life long bond and memories the six of us will always share.
We never stopped laughing, until we passed out on the 10pm flight out of Anchorage!!
A special Thanks to Renee for “encouraging” us to go and always helping out when we needed some photography advice.
Cassie Ware

Alaska…The Last Frontier for some but a bonding agent for our group of 6 from LPS plus one import from Washington who fit right in. Truly, an amazing adventure and 11 days of friendship, fun and laughter not to mention the wildlife.
If I had a dollar for every time “Moose” was yelled during those days I might be able to pay for a return trip!
In 2016 I was fortunate to take an Alaskan cruise with a group of 18 people; 4 days on land and 7 days on water. For me, the land was the best part and I always hoped to go back one day. Little did I know that one day would come sooner than expected.
There was talk of doing a trip with Lisa Langell and instantly I thought, no way can I afford that. But the more I browsed Lisa’s internet site and read stories from prior attendees, I knew this was meant for me. The bonus was that I would get to travel with a small group of friends from LPS which I knew would up the enjoyment factor. So I planned and budgeted, and kissed up to my hubby, and made it happen.
Even before the trip, the fun started. Meetings at Renee’s and Gary & Laura’s and Lynn’s for planning and eating, of course, in anticipation of our big adventure.
The plans were made and we were off.
The Crew:
Renee – The instigator. Renee was the one who dangled the bait and arranged the trip with Lisa Langell and the bonus days at Bear Mountain
Lodge (where I met a bear cub up close and personal). I am so thankful that I took the bait. While she can be a bit conservative, she is certainly full steam ahead on those travel plans.
Cassie – The Trooper. This girl is packing. Never missed a step. From Anchorage to Kenai to Seldovia. Climbing mountains or popping out of port holes, she did what it took to get the best shot. Navigating our journey like a true co-captain.
Gary – The Driver. Gary was the epitome of patience as he drove us around in our pre and post workshop outings. He never had to worry about getting lost because he had plenty of “directions” from all directions.
Laura T. – The Real Documenter. No matter what we missed with our cameras, Laura captured it with her cell phone. She truly assured that we got ALL the shots. Now let’s not talk about the fact that she tried to get us all arrested by bringing back an Eagle feather she “captured” on Eagle Beach.
Lynn – The Ultimate Door Man. Always quick with closing that car door assuring that Renee was kept safely in the very back seat out of harm’s way from any wild animal encounters and sometimes any photos. LOL. Bonus: He will work for M&Ms.
Tammy – The Whale Watcher. I see stuff. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes not! Moose – bear – whale? My new favorite number is #3 (ask Cassie & Gary). Just FYI, whale watching becomes difficult when you’re green. Laura pass the Bonine.
Laura M. – The Washington Import. The perfect addition to our crazy crew. She got the shot..the bear, the moose, the whale, the loon, the everything. An amazing photographer.
What would I change you ask? Absolutely nothing!!
From a roadside waving bear to a dancing loon and a jumping whale I felt like I truly experienced the real Alaska. I laughed, I cried, I froze (just a little on the lake), and I had the time of my life!
Alaska still remains on my “must do” list as it is totally worth a repeat!
Tammy Tate

My trip to Alaska started out with much apprehension. I was taking a trip from June 8, to June 20, with five individuals that I had never traveled with—Rene, Laura, Cassie, Tammy and Gary. It turned out to be a wonderful experience with five friends that became one of the most fun trips that I have ever taken. We were fortunate to be able to see Alaska in a small group and see sights that only a few tourist are able to see. We traveled by Surburban or van, stopping when the road ended; by boats of several sizes depending on the waterway; and by air in small bush planes to destinations that were only accessible by water or air.
The days were long, but our days were filled with activities from early in the morning until late in the evening. We had no trouble going to sleep with daylight. We were able to see wildlife up close, sometimes closer than we wanted, and at a time of year that many had their newborn young with them. The wildlife was varied as was the rugged terrain they lived in. The expansive wilderness of Alaska was overwhelming as was its beauty. This trip would have been a great experience and a huge success even if I had left my camera at home. The memories of the sights and the fun that I had with this group were worth it all.
Lynn Naul

Laura and I really enjoyed the photo trip to Alaska last year. We would do it again in a heartbeat. It really was nice traveling in a small group of friends that already knew each other. We would highly recommend a guided photo trip to Alaska if you are able to. The scenery and wildlife photo opportunities are unbelievable. And having someone already familiar with what is available and where to go is really helpful.
Gary & Laura Thompson

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