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Upcoming Field Trips in 2021

Registration is now open for the January 2021 and February Swamp Man Field Trips! Click the button below to register.

January 23 – Downtown Baton Rouge Scavenger Hunt

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt 2021 Style
January 23, 2021
Kick Off: 8:00 am at Bernardo de Galvez Plaza (Behind the Old State Capital Building  next to the New EBR Parish Library)

Over the years, the Photo Scavenger hunt has become extremely popular with the LPS members. This year’s version is the “Ultimate Scavenger Hunt 2021.”

If you never participated, then this is the time. If you’ve been before, then it’s all the more reason to get out there and do your thing. The objective of the Scavenger Hunt is an exercise in photo composition, which will challenge the eager LPS photographer in many ways. Many have been to Mississippi River water front, walked along 3rd street and North Blvd. The State Capital grounds you have visited more times than you can count. You’ve become very familiar with the landscapes and various neat subjects. All the more reason to attend. 

The more often you visit a location the greater challenge it becomes to create a new look from a familiar area. This is just one part of the learning curve built into this year’s “Ultimate Scavenger Hunt.” 

As far as photo toys, anything goes. Fish eye, wide angle, super telephoto and everything in between. Some photo topics may be better with the aid of the tripod. 

January weather can be anything, so be prepared. Remember to maintain social distancing and wear your mask when in groups. 

Specific instructions will be given prior to kick off. The instructions will include boundaries as well as composition topics and photo topic suggestions.

January 31 – Show and Tell from Scavenger Hunt

We are very excited to include a follow up “Show and Tell.”  This program invites all LPS Ultimate Scavenger Hunt participants to show off their prize captures. Additionally all LPS members are invited to attend. Date, times and location will be included in the scavenger hunt outline.Remember if you don’t go, you won’t know.

February 13 – Cajun Man’s Swamp Tour

Bald Eagles, Alligators and More 

If you have never witnessed or photographed Bald Eagles, beautiful bald cypress trees and all the wildlife in the swamp, here’s your chance

Join us on February 13th for a narrated adventure through the swamps and bayous of South Louisiana. Captain Billy Gaston, with Cajun Man’s Swamp Tours, will take us on an adventure you’re sure to enjoy. LPS has had previous trips with Capt. Billy and we have never been disappointed. Even if you have been on previous trips, the swamp is always changing and new adventures abound.

We’ll tour the beautiful cypress swamps of South La. finding Bald Eagles, Egrets, Blue Herons, alligators and much more. All while listening to the stories of Capt. Billy.

This field trip will be limited to 15 people, so all will have ample room to photograph.  It will be an afternoon trip and usually lasts about 3 ½ hrs. The cost is $50 per person and payment must be made in advance to secure your spot. More information on meeting location, times and method of payment to follow. 

The wildlife in the swamp can be close but a 300mm lens or longer is suggested, shorter focal lenses would be helpful for landscape images. Tripods are not suggested due to the limited space of the boat.

March 20 – Cocodrie, LA: Chauvin Sculpture Gardens, Elpege Picou Cemetery, Cecil Lapeyrouse Grocery, and private tour of Lumcon facility.

April 17 – Houmas House and Gardens

May 15 – New Orleans Graveyard Tour, Bywater area walk, French Quarter and evening river sunsets.
May 23 – Show and Tell from NOLA trip

Can’t make it to a field trip? Let us know so someone else can grab your spot!

Field trip dates may be subject to change depending on several factors, including – but not limited to – weather, illness, site closure, etc. The field trip coordinator will keep registrants apprised of any changes that occur. Please refer to the Newsletter, Calendar, and this page for reference.