Field Trip Schedule and Info

An Indoor Field Trip

August 25, 2018
Journalism Building on LSU Campus
8:30 am – 11:30 am / Lunch / 1:30 pm -4:30 pm

Yep that”s right folks, an indoor field trip, away from nature, the heat, humidity and the bugs. The cool A/C is ideal for this August edition.

Still life differs greatly from most photography topics, where you are provided with the subject matter, you are only responsible for the creative content in front of you. Still Life photography allows you to have complete control, including subject matter, establishing the scene and determining the lighting pattern. All of which challenges the creator to capture the scene in an interesting and challenging way.

The subject matter you select is completely up to you. (However, please limit to table top items.) Select something from around the house or maybe you’ll discover an ideal subject while you’re out and about. Try to avoid reflective surfaces, such as metal and glass as they will be difficult with regards to lighting. Consider combining objects of contrasting shape, color, texture and see how creative you can be.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

October 21 -27 2018

        It has not been that long ago that a group of us from LPS visited the “Great Smoky Mountain National Park.” I am eager to return this fall. At this time I am looking for a show of hands who are interested in a return trip. Let me hear from you even if you are uncertain.

Naturally I am open to all suggestions, tentative plans are similar to the previous venture. Lodging in Townsend,Tennessee a small quiet town that seems to be ideally located for photographers. It’s definitely not the hot spot like Gatlinburg.
Townsend is ideally located to access several rivers and streams, a great opportunity for slow shutters and foamy water. The Blue Ridge Parkway is only 20 minutes from a wonderful sunrise location… weather permitting, the potential for incredible images awaits.

Cades Cove is extremely popular and it is pretty much a must do, it is also pretty much a full day. Clingmans Dome, the highest point in the park offers the ideal sunset location. The proof in the pudding is simply, the entire edge is covered with tripods. Although during our trip the water levels were very low, there are several attractive water falls with easy access.

From Baton Rouge it is approximately a 10 – 11 hour drive. For some they managed an early start and made the trip in one day. Others made the trip with a overnight stop.
Exact dates are not determined, but the dates noted are typically ideal for the best of the fall foliage. Of course the intention of this early notice is to establish plans, answer questions and make reservations. .

Simply, for all those who may have an interest, I ask that you send me an email and include your comments and photo interest. After which we will set up a meeting and secure firm plans.

After our south Louisiana summer, we’ll be ready for some cool !


Bernard Gillette

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