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November 13, 2021 – Painting with Light 2021

Assemble: Rural Life Museum Parking Lot (Burden Museum and Gardens)
4:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Entrance fees: Adults $10; Seniors (62+) $9

Do you want to improve and expand your photography skills? Then you’ll definitely want to participate in the final LPS field trip for 2021.

We are going to use light painting to create stunning images and we welcome all. If this is your first light painting attempt or you are an experienced light painter, either way you’ll discover something new as we review all the ins and outs of painting with light.  (The best part: clean up is so easy..) 

Arrangements have been made to open the Rural Life Museum for LPS members after hours. Thereby making this unique facility the ideal light painting site. It is important to be on time.

The front gate, to get on the grounds, closes automatically at 4:30 pm. Tardy folks may get locked out.  

Light Painting Tools

  • A camera (with freshly charged batteries)  and your favorite lens is required. Preferably one capable of manual settings, including bulb mode.
  • A sturdy tripod of course is a must. Your shutter is going to be open for a minute or more and it’s important that your camera remains stationary during the exposure.
  • Shutter release. Either use a cable release or a remote shutter release. You can also take advantage of the camera’s self timer to begin the exposure. It’s important that the camera remain hands free during the shot.
  • Stopwatch or some way to accurately time the exposure. (Using an hour glass is discouraged.)
  • Light source, many different types of lights can be used for painting. These light sources become your “paint brushes” and include flashlights, torch lights. lasers, glow sticks .
  • Color gels become your crayons and are used to tint your light source as they add color to the scene. In other words the color becomes the paint.
  • Bug spray, there will be bugs, especially for those who wear perfume or after shave, bugs like that stuff. The grounds are uneven and walking about in the dark can be tricky, proper footwear is encouraged.

These are the basics. Camera settings for successful images including: Mode, Image Quality (RAW), White Balance, Exposure Triangle tips,  and other camera related topics will be reviewed at the beginning of the session. Yes, we will answer all the questions. (Provided that you ask only the questions we can answer.)

Working in pairs/threes is encouraged. Perhaps one person does the painting while the other(s) keeps a sharp eye on the camera timer. Beware of the other photographers around you, be alert as where you shine your light, respect the work of others, it’s the right thing to do.

Yes, for sure, another promising LPS field trip, that always seem to produce exciting and wonderful images while expanding the photographer’s skills.  We hope that you have enjoyed the 2021 field trip adventures as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Your LPS Field Trip Team

Smoky Mountain Field Trip Show & Tell

When: Sunday November 21st from 3-5 PM

Where: Jones Creek Library 

Weren’t able to make the trip or you did and like to see other members images, then this is for YOU. We will be reviewing images from the LPS Smoky Mountain FT. This is not necessarily a critique but we will have the opportunity to review others images and hear from them the how, why and where of their images. It’s a wonderful chance, not only to see some beautiful images, but share ideas – and you might even learn something new; I always do. – Darrel


Indoor still life, portrait, water droplets and macro

The “Indoor Shutter” field trip is a special event. Taking place in the newly-remolded Jones Creek Branch Library, LPS members will have a unique opportunity to work with artificial lighting.  If you have participated in one of the previous indoor field trips, then you’re familiar with the process. If this is your first time, be prepared to have fun expanding your lighting knowledge. 

The “Indoor Shutter” field trip is a rerun, as we have done similar excursions in the past. Some of the sets will allow you the opportunity to test your talents using continuous LED light sources, speedlights and strobe lighting.  Using these sources, the plan is to include a variety of set-ups, including water trick and still life objects (plan to bring table top items of interest). 

We anticipate having 4 – 5 stations with a variety of backgrounds. Feel free to provide backgrounds that enhance your still-life topics. Consider, freezer wrap paper, aluminum foil, brown packaging paper and fabrics.  All of these items make attractive table top backgrounds. 

As usual fresh batteries and clean memory cards is a good idea. Tripods always encouraged.  Registration makes life easier for your field trip team. Please register through Visual Pursuits.

Can’t make it to a field trip? Let us know so someone else can grab your spot!

Field trip dates may be subject to change depending on several factors, including – but not limited to – weather, illness, site closure, etc. The field trip coordinator will keep registrants apprised of any changes that occur. Please refer to the Newsletter, Calendar, and this page for reference.