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September 25

Motorcross Adventure
September 25, 2021

Assemble, Walmart Parking Lot on O’Neal (Near 1-12 O’Neal Exit #7) Arrive 7:40 am | Depart promptly 8:00 am

This promises to be an action packed adventure, fast moving motor powered dirt bikes seem like they are every where.

But SAFETY first. All participants will be required to wear bright clothing, international orange is preferred. Very good idea to include  orange hunting or cycling vest. We want the riders to see you at all times. The grounds are vast and the walking surface unstable in some locations. Firm footwear is highly recommended, for some a healthy hike may be in order. Other areas to shoot from may not be as far or as challenging. There are a few viewing stands that provide a nice overlook to parts of the track.  Water is another good idea.

We employ the buddy system. You will be required to travel the grounds in minimum of pairs. This will provide an extra set of eyes to keep up with the riders.  One shooter may be photographing riders from one direction while another is shooting riders from the opposite direction. Stay alert at all times.

Restrooms and refreshments are available in the area where the riders assemble. Larry, Curly and Moe made the trip recently, only to discover the thrill of capturing these fliers and dirt slingers; We found ourselves amazed to discover the riding abilities of the youngsters.  We discovered that the 70-200mm lens was ideal, as it seemed to cover the subjects very nicely, even with 100mm focal length.  Longer focal lengths are also recommended. This will allow many to get close to the riders while maintaining a comfortable distance. We did not experience a lot dust but dirty conditions are possible. You may want a cleaning cloths and perhaps cover the camera and lens. 

Yes, it is important to stay alert, pay attention to your surroundings and this is one field trip, where we encourage you to pack lite, tripods are not required.

As always, the field trip team looks forward to having you and we encourage you to register soon if not sooner. It’s a good idea and helps all that attend.  Car pooling is a good idea as parking may be limited. Remember if you don’t go you won’t know!

October 23-27 – Great Smoky Mountain National Park, TN

November 13 – Night Light Painting (detailed information coming soon!)


Indoor still life, portrait, water droplets and macro

The “Indoor Shutter” field trip is a special event. Taking place in the newly-remolded Jones Creek Branch Library, LPS members will have a unique opportunity to work with artificial lighting.  If you have participated in one of the previous indoor field trips, then you’re familiar with the process. If this is your first time, be prepared to have fun expanding your lighting knowledge. 

The “Indoor Shutter” field trip is a rerun, as we have done similar excursions in the past. Some of the sets will allow you the opportunity to test your talents using continuous LED light sources, speedlights and strobe lighting.  Using these sources, the plan is to include a variety of set-ups, including water trick and still life objects (plan to bring table top items of interest). 

We anticipate having 4 – 5 stations with a variety of backgrounds. Feel free to provide backgrounds that enhance your still-life topics. Consider, freezer wrap paper, aluminum foil, brown packaging paper and fabrics.  All of these items make attractive table top backgrounds. 

As usual fresh batteries and clean memory cards is a good idea. Tripods always encouraged.  Registration makes life easier for your field trip team. Please register through Visual Pursuits.

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Field trip dates may be subject to change depending on several factors, including – but not limited to – weather, illness, site closure, etc. The field trip coordinator will keep registrants apprised of any changes that occur. Please refer to the Newsletter, Calendar, and this page for reference.