Field Trip Schedule and Info

Scavenger Hunt  Ssamble– Come One, Come All !
LSU Journalism Building

June 23, 2018
7:30 am til 11:00 am
Lunch and review afterwards

Last year one of our more popular field trips was the “Scavenger Hunt.” Here is the plan. We will assemble at the Journalism Building on the LSU campus. (corner of South Stadium and Fieldhouse) for 7:30 am. Bring you laptops, etc and they will be locked in the building while you shoot.

You will be provided with a list of topics and the ground rules that will make up the articles for the hunt. Basically, the items will consist of elements that make good composition. With the simple ground rules covered, we will  partner up (this is the scramble part)  in teams of more experienced with novice members and begin to explore the LSU campus in  pursuit of our objective.

Anything goes, use a variety of lenses, include flash, ND filters and of course your tripods. Dress comfortably, good shoes, sunscreen and you might want to carry water. Once the deadline, 11:00 am arrives, we will return to the Journalism building where we will enjoy lunch and review our efforts. Reviewing our efforts will require you to include your laptop or share one. I image you will capture several hundred photographs. During our lunch break will will have time to review your images and select several of your favorite unedited images. For this exercise club members will have an opportunity to share thoughts as if you were working with film.

Lunch Options: You will have the option to order lunch from a local deli (To Be Determined.) prior to setting out. The lunch will be delivered in time for our return. OR you can bring your own.

This promises to be a lot of fun, so If you have never participated in one of our field trips this would be an excellent opportunity to do so. You will make many new friends and you’ll learn from others and we will learn from you. So “Come One – Come All !”


The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

October 21 -27 2018 Tenative

        It has not been that long ago that a group of us from LPS visited the “Great Smoky Mountain National Park.” I am eager to return this fall. At this time I am looking for a show of hands who are interested in a return trip. Let me hear from you even if you are uncertain.

Naturally I am open to all suggestions, tentative plans are similar to the previous venture. Lodging in Townsend,Tennessee a small quiet town that seems to be ideally located for photographers. It’s definitely not the hot spot like Gatlinburg.
Townsend is ideally located to access several rivers and streams, a great opportunity for slow shutters and foamy water. The Blue Ridge Parkway is only 20 minutes from a wonderful sunrise location… weather permitting, the potential for incredible images awaits.

Cades Cove is extremely popular and it is pretty much a must do, it is also pretty much a full day. Clingmans Dome, the highest point in the park offers the ideal sunset location. The proof in the pudding is simply, the entire edge is covered with tripods. Although during our trip the water levels were very low, there are several attractive water falls with easy access.

From Baton Rouge it is approximately a 10 – 11 hour drive. For some they managed an early start and made the trip in one day. Others made the trip with a overnight stop.
Exact dates are not determined, but the dates noted are typically ideal for the best of the fall foliage. Of course the intention of this early notice is to establish plans, answer questions and make reservations. .

Simply, for all those who may have an interest, I ask that you send me an email and include your comments and photo interest. After which we will set up a meeting and secure firm plans.

After our south Louisiana summer, we’ll be ready for some cool !


Bernard Gillette

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