Mentor Program


Are you new to photography or just want to get out of auto mode? Do you feel unsure about how to use your camera? Want to improve your confidence? Build a relationship with a fellow photographer?

If so, the Mentor Program is for you. Your mentor will share their knowledge and experience in photography and help further your skills and knowledge.

Our program consists of volunteer photographers within the LPS who can assist you with your questions pertaining to depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, etc. and can be very helpful for someone that needs a little extra help.

If this is for you please complete and submit the Mentor Request form.


If so and you have understanding of the following concepts you are well on your way to becoming a mentor.

Have you been taking photographs for a while?  Do you remember wishing you had someone to ask questions? Are you looking for a way to serve in the club?

F stop, shutter speed, ISO and how these three relate to each other (the exposure triangle), depth of field, point of view or angle at which photography may be taken, and focal point.

The histogram and how to use it.

Cover the basics of landscape, macro/close up, still life, and action photography.

The Elements of composition (define and demonstrate)

Mentoring should be completed within six months.  Please consider becoming a mentor for someone less experienced than you by completing the Mentor form.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact