Education Schedule and Information

Sunday June 24, 2018
1:00  to  4:00 pm

Natural and Field Lighting (including outdoor flash)
Circa on Government Street


  • Understanding of exposure basics
  • Ability to properly expose a basic image in manual mode
  • Ability to change ISO, shutter speed, and aperture without hunting

Pre-class Prep:

  • Set camera to manual.  Practice changing settings until comfortable.
  • Understand how to set your camera’s exposure metering to spot-metering

Class Topics:

  • Understanding & working with the light you are given
  • Adding light with reflectors or portable flash
  • Choosing “better” light
  • Achieving different looks with different light

Upcoming Workshops

Details and signup will be added as dates and locations are confirmed

July -  “Happy Hour” Q and A at Magpie coffee shop

August – LightRoom or Photoshop class

September – flash primer (more technical and gear focused)

October – Lighting/portraits

November – Camera Basics class


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Classes/Workshops Photography encompasses both art and technical skill, and LPS works to build these in its member by offering educational classes and workshops, each covering a specialized topic.  Such topics may include:

  • Camera Techniques/Equipment
    • Basic Digital Photography (Exposure Triangle)
    • Flash Photography
    • Macro Photography
  • The Art of Photography
    • Composition
    • Portrait Photography
    • Still Life
    • Nature Photography
  • Photo Manipulation Software
    • Photoshop
    • Lightroom
    • HDR software

These topics may be geared toward beginners or the more advanced photographer but all skill levels are welcome. Classes/workshops are usually held on Saturday and can be 2-3 hours in length or up to 6 hours.  Most of our educational events are free of charge.        

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