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Lagniappe Clinics
Barrel Racing Photography

Do you want to see what it is like living the life of a barrel racing photographer?  Now is your chance!

Come join club member and professional barrel racing photographer David Leadingham on Tuesday nights at a weekly barrel race Port Allen.  Learn the tricks of the trade to capture this exciting and fast paced sport.  

For safety reasons, there will be limited space of six photographers each night.  There are plenty of safe spots around the arena to photograph this event from.  Those that are interested can come into the arena and try shooting from where I shoot.  Depending on how many are interested each night, we will rotate through into the arena.  

You will be able to capture the barrel racing action from different angles and in addition you will be able to capture the riders warming up, prepping for the race, and just having a good time!  A combination of sports and street photography!

Recommended gear: 
Full frame or crop sensor camera
A fast zoom lens.  I use a 70-200 f2.8 lens.  Of course other lenses will work as well.  You will want to be able to capture as much light as possible.  You can use higher apertures; you will just be upping your ISOs.  Fresh batteries and memory cards. Comfortable closed toes shoes. The arena tends to be a little cooler than outside in the winter months and warmer than the outside during summer months.  It is an open area, but the air tends to “sit” in there.  Dress for the weather and bring an extra jacket in the winter.

The barrel race happens in Port Allen.  Exhibitions (warm up) starts at 6pm, the barrel race starts at 8pm and typically lasts till around 930pm.  
We will meet at the arena at 6pm (if you need to arrive later because of work, that is fine.  We won’t be hard to spot!).  We will spend a few minutes going over settings, techniques, and safety.  Then you will be free to walk around getting pictures of the riders warming up and getting ready.  And you can even try some food from the concession stand.  The arena has some of the best in my opinion!

Registration is required.  We will create a waiting list and if there is more interest, extra dates will be added.

April 20, 2021

Reflection on Refraction

Saturday May 8th 2pm – 530pm  Large Meeting room main library.

One of our upcoming competition themes is “Lensball/Refraction”.  Not sure what that is?  Feeling uninspired?  We’ll cover some different types of refraction:

Bending light with water and oil

Refractography -photos of light passing through glass objects without using a camera lens.

We’ll discuss the different techniques in capturing these types of photos.  Afterwards, I’ll stick around for awhile for anyone that wants to venture into the park and botanical gardens with some of the prisms and lensballs (or bring your own) and play around with trying out some of the techniques.

Registration is required.  Limited to 35, members only.

Sensor Cleaning

May 10th – 530-7pm   Large meeting room main library

Are you seeing spots (in all your photos)?  You probably need your sensor cleaned!  Are you a little nervous about cleaning your sensor by yourself?  We’ll meet in the large meeting room at the Main Library and clean our sensors.  Sometimes just having someone who has done it before nearby can be a major confidence booster.  We’ll do a brief walkthrough of cleaning your sensor and then spend the rest of the time getting rid of those pesky spots.

Participants will need to purchase sensor cleaning swabs for their camera’s sensor ahead of time.  A sensor loop and rocket blower are also recommended.  All of these items can be purchased from Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc.  Just type “your specific camera body” sensor cleaning swab into the search bar for any of those websites.  Feel free to contact me if you need assistance finding the right one.

Registration is required and limited to 25 people, must be an LPS member.

Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys – Toy Photography

Saturday July 31st Main Library Large Meeting Room 2 sessions

10am – 1pm, 130pm – 430pm

We will have several stations set up with various toys that you can “play” with.  You can set up your own creative scenes using the toys, backdrops, dry ice, mirrors and various other props.  We’ll have some lighting equipment available to use, speed lights, Adaptalux lighting, soft boxes, etc.  I’ll have action figures, various Hot Wheels and other toy figures, plastic army men.

We will have two three-hour sessions that you can register for.  

Recommended equipment: a wide angle or medium zoom lens and/or a macro lens.  Feel free to bring your own flashes or lighting as well.  

Registration is required, register for one of the two sessions.  Limited to 20 members per session

Oil and Water & Water Drops

Saturday September 4th Main Library Large Meeting Room 2 sessions

10am-1pm, 130pm-430pm

There will be several stations set up with water and oil mixtures as well as several stations for water drop photography.  I just recently order a Pluto Trigger with a water drop control device!  I will have some lighting available to use, speedlights, Adaptalux light, etc.  

We will have two three-hour sessions that you can register for.

Recommended equipment: wide and and macro lenses.  

Registration is required, register for one of the two sessions.  Limited to 20 members per session.

Photography DIY

Saturday, October 16th Main Library Large Meeting Room


Tired of spending money on photography gadgets and other items to help you get your photos?  Did you know some of these things can be made on your own?  We’ll spend the time talking about some of these gadgets you can easily, and for very little money, make yourself.  We’ll finish off with making our very own Pringles Can Snoots!  

I will supply all the building materials for making the snoots, tape, scissors, etc.  I have been eating a lot of Pringles and saving the cans, but if you are a Pringles fan feel free to save the can!  Just clean it out with a damp cloth.  

Registration is required and limited to 25 members.