Lagniappe Classes

Lagniappe means a little something extra.  In addition to our monthly meetings we will have gatherings on the first Thursday of each month  from 7 to 9 pm at the BREC Botanical Garden building located on Independence Boulevard (behind the Library).  These meeting will often be less formal and more interactional.  Sometimes we may do image evaluation, sometimes just visit.  These may not happen every month, so be sure to check the club calendar, newsletter and web for the schedule. 

If you have a topic you would like to either lead or have discussed, please contact Theresa Low at  As always, registration is appreciated but not required.

Please bring a snack to share and join us for this fun evening of learning.

Meet and Greet
May 4, 2017
Darrel LeBlanc


Bring your gear and/or your laptop with Lightroom and be ready to help others or get your questions answered.  Or, just show up and visit.


“How can I Improve my Images”
By:  PSA Education Director Jon Fishback
Thursday, June 1, 2017

A professional PSA Director  will give each LPS member a written feedback on the images that are sent in before May 1, 2017. The feedback will be read at the Lagniappe meeting on June 1, 2017.

Time :7:00 – 9:00

Place: Baton Rouge Garden Center – 7950 Independence Blvd

Jon Fishback, APSA, FP, ARPS – Director – PSA Education Services, will send a written critique on how to improve your image.  On June 1 the critique will be read.

Send three images sized:

  • Crop/resize your photos to 1024 pixels X 768 pixels
  • Resize your image to a maximum of either 1024 pixels WIDE and/or 768 pixels HIGH. Width or height may be LESS but not more than these maximums. Be aware that images with a vertical orientation must still not exceed 768 pixels high, and thus your horizontal will be much less than 1024 pixels wide.
  • Save them as JPEG format using

Send Three (3) images to Linda M Medine – email address:

 Deadline for sending the images is May 1, 2017.





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