Lagniappe Classes

Future Lagniappe Classes TBA!

LPS New Member Orientation

New Session Coming Soon!

Jefferson Baptist Church on Jefferson Highway 

Are you new to the Louisiana Photographic Society?  Are you a current member that wants a refresher?  Are you a current member that likes meeting new members?  Come on out for a new member orientation.  We will talk about all the benefits of being a member, how to enter competitions, how to register for field trips, workshops, etc.  We will also discuss critiques, navigating the website, our mentoring program and so much more!

Registration is required.  Social distancing and mask wearing will be observed as well.  Refreshments will be served too!

New Member Orientations will be offered twice a year. Any member may attend.

Registration is required.

Coke Can Camera

July 1st 7-9pm; Jefferson Baptist Church on Jefferson Highway

With special guest, Ben Toman from the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society, join us to learn how to make this unique pinhole camera using a soda can and how to set it up in your yard to take long exposures, aka solargraphs in your own back yard.  We will then have a follow up via zoom to share our photos.  

All you need to provide is a soda can, or two.  The rest of the materials will be provided.

Registration is required.

Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys – Toy Photography

Saturday July 31st Main Library Large Meeting Room 2 sessions

10am – 1pm, 130pm – 430pm

We will have several stations set up with various toys that you can “play” with.  You can set up your own creative scenes using the toys, backdrops, dry ice, mirrors and various other props.  We’ll have some lighting equipment available to use, speed lights, Adaptalux lighting, soft boxes, etc.  I’ll have action figures, various Hot Wheels and other toy figures, plastic army men.

We will have two three-hour sessions that you can register for.  

Recommended equipment: a wide angle or medium zoom lens and/or a macro lens.  Feel free to bring your own flashes or lighting as well.  

Registration is required, register for one of the two sessions.  Limited to 20 members per session

Photo Trivia Night

August 5th 7-9pm; Jefferson Baptist Church on Jefferson Highway

How much do you know about photography?  History of photography?  Basics of photography?  Photographic techniques?  Photo editing software?  Want to put your knowledge to the test?  Then join us for a night of photography trivia with your game show host, Yours Truly!!  We will break into teams and compete in a battle of photographic knowledge (don’t worry, it will be multiple questions!  And you will have your teammates to help!)  Prizes will be given!   Refreshments will be available and you’ll gain some pretty cool trivia to astound your friends.

Registration is required.

Oil and Water & Water Drops

Saturday September 4th Main Library Large Meeting Room 2 sessions

10am-1pm, 130pm-430pm

There will be several stations set up with water and oil mixtures as well as several stations for water drop photography.  I just recently order a Pluto Trigger with a water drop control device!  I will have some lighting available to use, speedlights, Adaptalux light, etc.  

We will have two three-hour sessions that you can register for.

Recommended equipment: wide and and macro lenses.  

Registration is required, register for one of the two sessions.  Limited to 20 members per session.

Photography Discussion Round Table

October 7th 7-9pm; Jefferson Baptist Church on Jefferson Highway

Come and shoot the breeze about our favorite subject!  Taking pictures.  I’ll have a list of topics to get us going, but really anything photography related is fair game.  Have a question you want answered?  Maybe you have a portrait sessions coming up and you are looking for some suggestions on something new to try.  Have you been trying to do something in Photoshop and just can’t figure out how to do it?  Bring it to the round table and ask the group.  Members of all experience levels are invited.  Come to ask questions, answer questions, or just talk about photography!

Registration is required.  

Photography DIY

Saturday, October 16th Main Library Large Meeting Room


Tired of spending money on photography gadgets and other items to help you get your photos?  Did you know some of these things can be made on your own?  We’ll spend the time talking about some of these gadgets you can easily, and for very little money, make yourself.  We’ll finish off with making our very own Pringles Can Snoots!  

I will supply all the building materials for making the snoots, tape, scissors, etc.  I have been eating a lot of Pringles and saving the cans, but if you are a Pringles fan feel free to save the can!  Just clean it out with a damp cloth.  

Registration is required and limited to 25 members.