Lagniappe Classes

2020 Lagniappe Dates

Louisiana Lagniappe
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Begins July 2nd

With the library not opened yet for meetings, I am going to postpone the Toys Lagniappe for now. But fear not! I have something else for us!

Let’s do a Louisiana Lagniappe Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Louisiana has nine letters in it, so that means you will need take nine photos. Each photo will represent each letter in the name of our state. For example, the letter L. It can be something that starts with the letter L, or maybe is shaped like the letter L. If we were in Chicago, you could take a picture of the E downtown.

How to Play

  • Photos cannot be taken before the date of the Lagniappe, July 2, 2020. You will have the whole month of July to take the photos!
  • Photos must be taken in Louisiana. After all, this is a Louisiana Photo Scavenger Hunt.
  • Photos cannot be taken at your house or in your backyard.
  • All nine photos cannot be taken at the same location. For example, you can’t go to the LSU campus and take all nine photos, but you can certainly take a couple.
  • Duplicate letters get a second, different image.
  • Feel free to team up to go looking for photos. Just remember to practice the distancing guidelines that are in place during the time the hunt begins.
  • Upload images to the gallery in visual pursuits. (Workshops/Scavenger)
  • Get out, get some fresh air, have fun and get some awesome photos!

Toys Workshop

Take a trip back to your childhood with boxes of toys.  Only this time when we play with them, we’ll be taking pictures!  I’ll have small cars, figures, plastic animals, etc so we can set them up and take photos of them!  Use some of the macro skills you learn in my Macro Workshop in May!  More info to come!

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