Lagniappe Classes

Travel Photography:Planning, Packing and Photographing

Thursday, July 6, 2017
7:00 – 9:00 pm
BR Garden Center
7950 Independence Blvd

Cathy Smart, a well traveled member of Louisiana Photographic Society, will share some tips and advice from her experience. A few things we will cover in more detail include:

Planning: Travel photography involves thorough research and preparation. You are under time constraints while traveling, so make the most of every photographic moment you have. Plan ahead and be open to opportunities that may arise during your travels. For international travel, do you have current passports, travel documents and shots?

Packing: Pack light. Take only what you will need. Most locations will have some type of laundry service. How much does that camera gear weigh?
Photographing: Look for the “tourist attractions” but try different ways of capturing that subject. The images that will make a difference are the ones that give the viewer a new reason to look. Push your own boundaries to look at things differently. Try to transport the viewer to the location by telling a story



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