2020 Critique Dates

August 6, 2020        David Leadingham  –  Professional  Photographer
November 5, 2020   Heide Stover   –  PSA Photographic Society of America

“How can YOU Improve YOUR Images”
Thursday August 6, 2020
Time : 7:00
(Deadline to get images in July 7, 2020)

Don’t miss this opportunity to better your image.

Place: Zoom -Link will be sent prior to critique session.

Crop/resize your photos to 1920 pixels x 1200 pixels Resize your image to a maximum of either 1920 pixels WIDE and/or 1200 pixels HIGH. Width or height may be LESS but not more than these maximums. Be aware that images with a vertical orientation must still not exceed 1200 pixels high, and thus your horizontal will be much less than 1920 pixels wide.

Name your image

Save them as JPEG format using

UPLOAD Two (2) images Visual Pursuit – Competition Critique Call me if you have any questions – 225 229 3475 Deadline for sending the images is July 7. 2020 • • •

Critique Guidelines

All members of Louisiana Photographic Society (LPS) are invited to participate in the offered critique meetings.  Meeting time and places will be announced by club email, in the meetings, and in the Focus, newsletter.  The number of critique meetings varies according to the LPS calendar and the availability of members to critique.  Any questions are welcomed by the critique coordinator. The basic objective of the critiques is education of the members.  This is accomplished by giving the author of the photograph an objective view of the image and the opportunity to see it in a new light.  It also allows other viewers to see additional possibilities for that image. This is one of the best ways to improve your photographic skills.  Our judges are experienced photographers who have achieved a level of skill that is admired by long time members of LPS.  They offer their experience and their objective opinion.  All photos are anonymous, no names are to be attached to the image. Members are invited to submit two (2) photographs for evaluation at each meeting.  One photograph from each member will be reviewed, then we will begin evaluation of the second set of photographs.  As many of the second set will be reviewed as is permitted by time.  We try to meet early and dismiss early because this is the second LPS meeting of the month and we realize that people want to get home to family and personal activities.  Therefore we begin at 7:00 p.m. and dismiss before 9:00 p.m. All prints must be 11” by 14”  or larger in order for them to be seen by the judges and the audience.  Prints should be matted or mounted to facilitate handling and prevent damage to the print.  The light box is 20” (H) X 22” (W).  If a print too large to fit the light box is submitted, it will be evaluated, but the light on it may not be best.  A title of the image and your objective in photographing it may be written on a paper and attached to the back of the mat or mount board. Digital images are to be prepared as for club competition: Size Vertical Height no greater than 1200 pixels and less than 2.3 megabytes.  (See, competition guidelines for details.)  The title of the photo and your objective in photographing it may be submitted in the body of your email at the time of submission. All digital images are to be submitted to no later than 8:00 p.m. the Monday prior to the Thursday meeting.  This allows us to move through the photos without waiting to upload them during the meeting and is a courtesy to our equipment coordinator who works so hard for each meeting.   Remember: do not place your name on your photograph where it can be viewed by the judge.  All critiques are anonymous. 

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